Ingersoll-Rand has taken the power of air to a new level with the SSR UP-Series rotary screw air compressor. The SSR UP-Series design was inspired by workplace demands as detailed to us by many hundreds of compressor users. Ingersoll-Rand engineers applied our expertise and world-class technologies to create a new standard of performance and value through design innovations.


  • Reduced Maintanence

    IR’s patented belt-tensioning system simplifies belt installation and automatically maintains correct belt tension, thus reducing frequent belt adjustments. Our new spin- on separators reduce the time to service our units by 25%. Our integral package prefilters increase cooler life and decrease maintenance expense.

  • Lower Speeds

    We heard our customers voice their concerns regarding the durability of high-speed motors and we responded. All UP-Series compressors utilize low speed, high-efficiency 1800 RPM motors for maximum durability and extended life.

  • Fewer Connections

    IR eliminated nearly 50% of the connections with its innovative close coupled airend and separator. The new design also improves performance by reducing pressure losses.

  • Quiet by Design

    Rather than simply add more foam insulation to our cabinets, Ingersoll-Rand redesigned the package with a high efficiency airend and low speed motor, motor shaft mounted centrifugal blower, segregated cooling system, and our patented compartmentalized acoustic (sound) enclosure to provide the lowest noise levels available (68dBA).

  • Less Space

    Our space saving design gives you more flexibility during installation and servicing. The footprint, convenient location of the service panel, and easy access to internal components allow the unit to be positioned in smaller areas and close to the wall.