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Suction Diffuser Rear Strainer Pullout (RSP)

The Taco Suction Diffuser Rear Strainer Pullout (RSP) incorporates numerous features into one device that simplifies installations and reduces installation costs. It is a flow straightening device that provides maximum flow efficiency at the suction inlet of the pump while at the same time reducing space and fitting requirements and..
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Plus Two Multi-Purpose Valve

Straight Pattern/Angle Pattern The Plus Two Multi-Purpose Valve offers performance– low pressure drops that are equal to or better than any valve on the market today–and convenience: You can replace the stem seal packing under full system pressure. The Plus Two Multi-Purpose Valve is made of ductile iron with stainless..
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CA Series Expansion Tanks

Designed to Eliminate Direct Air-to-Water Interface Taco CA Series Expansion Tanks are designed to solve a long time problem in the hydronics industry by utilizing a butyl rubber bladder to permanently separate the air charge from the system fluid in the expansion tank. In old style, non-bladder type tanks, the..
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