Aurora / Horizontal Split Case

Aurora: Horizontal Two Stage

Aurora Pump built its business on the split case pump more than 90 years ago. Today, we continue to improve upon our original design and manufacture quality pumps that outlast our competitors. Model 421 is Horizontally Baseplate Mounted with a Driver Flexibly Coupled to the Pump Design Recommended where Space is Available..
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Aurora: Simplex One Stage Vertical Wet Pit Solids-Handling Pump

KEY FEATURES Reliable, Heavy Duty Vertical Wet Pit Solids-Handling Pumps Liquid End Includes Impeller that can Pass a 3-inch Sphere Motor Mounting Bracket Assures Alignment of Motor and Pump Shaft with Tongue and Groove Machine External Impeller Adjustment Accomplished with Hexagon-shaped Adjusting Nut Thrust Bearing Regreaseable and Protected from Contamination Stuffing Box Standard..
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Aurora: Vertical Single Stage

KEY FEATURES Model 412 Vertically Mounted Using Flexible Shafting Between the Driver and the Pump Model 412C is Vertical Chair-Mounted Design Recommended Where Floor Space is Limited and Flooding Possible Vertical Split Case Pumps Require Half the Floor Space of a Horizontal Split Case Pump Inline Piping Arrangement Allows for Piping in Any..
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