Ingersoll-Rand: Air Receiver

Air receiver is required to store compressed air so that it can be used as and when needed. Storage is useful to control uncertainty in demand events. When you choose Evolution™, you have selected air receiver rated highly for its construction and safety features.


Ingersoll-Rand: No Loss Drain Valves

The newly enhanced PNLD II units are heavy-duty industrial drain valves that remove condensate without wasting compressed air. The pneumatically-powered PNLD II requires no electricity, pre-settings, or manual intervention. Designed to complement all compressed air systems including compressors, filters, water separators, dryers, coolers and receivers, the PNLD II is easy..
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Ingersoll-Rand: Modular Heatless

Capacity Range: 3-176 cfm (0.08-5.0 m3/min) Pressure Dew Point: -40°F to -100°F (-40°C to -70°C) ISO Class 1 to 2 Voltage: 115V/1PH/60HZ (230V/1PH/50HZ) Maximum Inlet Pressure: 189 psig (13 barg) Maximum Inlet Temperature: 122°F (50°C) Desiccant Type: Activated alumina Features Low noise level – 75 dBA Low pressure drop design..
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