Powerex Oil-less: Reciprocating Air Compressors

Oilless Reciprocating Tank Mount Oilless Reciprocating Base Mount Oilless Reciprocating Air Ends Enclosed Scroll Cabinet Package 2-5 HP Enclosed Scroll Cabinet Package 10-40 Hp Scroll Tank Mount Scroll Base Mount Scroll Air ends

Powerex Oil-less: Open

GENERAL The Powerex Skid Mount Scroll Medical Air System is designed to provide medical breathing air for hospital and medical institutions. This system meets NFPA 99 requirements for Risk Category 1 systems. Each system is completely tested before shipment and includes: Multiple oil-less scroll air compressors and associated equipment Corrosion..
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Powerex Oil-less: Enclosed

GENERAL The Powerex Scroll Enclosed Air Compressor System is designed to provide clean, dry air for applications where the quality of the compressed air is critical. The standard unit is rated for a maximum of 115 PSIG. A high pressure version (max. 145 PSIG) is also available. SCROLL ENCLOSED AIR..
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