The Ingersoll-Rand PS Polysep Oil/Water Seperator product offering is the most comprehensive environmental solution in the air compressor industry

The Problem with Other Oil/Water Separators Compressor oils that do not have good separation
characteristics, known as emulsions, tend to foul up the carbon filters as well as the pre-adsorption and
coalescing medias that are commonly installed in front of the carbon filters.Those filters have to be replaced before their capacity is fully used.This is a result of oil binding off the pore area of the carbon where the condensate first comes in contact with the filter.The jelled oil clogs the filter, which then prevents the volume of condensate from properly flowing through the filter.This premature failure of the carbon filters most often results in the system backing up on the floor.

The IR Environmental Solution

IR PolySep is designed to effectively separate emulsified compressor condensate, as well as oils that have better separation characteristics, without premature element failure and backup spillages. These systems are designed to cover compressor ranges from 5-4500 SCFM, and work effectively with Polyglycols, Mineral Oils, PAOs, Polysol Esters & Diesters.


  • Non-corrosive materials
  • No electricity
  • Expandable system
  • Only two moving parts
  • Valuable for ISO 14001
  • Certified Companies
  • Technical Specification Guide
  • Extended filter life
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Helps protect and maintain the environment