Aurora: Vertical Single Stage

KEY FEATURES Model 412 Vertically Mounted Using Flexible Shafting Between the Driver and the Pump Model 412C is Vertical Chair-Mounted Design Recommended Where Floor Space is Limited and Flooding Possible Vertical Split Case Pumps Require Half the Floor Space of a Horizontal Split Case Pump Inline Piping Arrangement Allows for Piping in Any..
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Aurora: Horizontal Single Stage

KEY FEATURES More than 90 years ago, Aurora Pump built it’s business with these reliable and long-lasting pumps. We are still building on our legacy of quality design and manufacturing today. Horizontal Split Case Pumps are the Traditional Solution for Handling the Flow of Liquids 411 Models are Horizontally Baseplate Mounted with a..
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Aurora: Single Stage Inline Fire Pump – Series 911

KEY FEATURES UL Listed/FM Approved/NFPA-20 Design For Commercial, Industrial and Marine Use Space Saving Vertical Design Easy Maintenance without Disturbing Surrounding Piping Bronze-Fitted Pump Construction