This Oil-Free Air Compressor with a matching standard variable speed inverter and HYBRID PERMANENT MAGNET MOTOR; coupled with a time-proven, oil-free, compression module, the Nirvana Oil-Free represents a stunning advance in compressor technology. This new rotary compressor provides unparalleled energy efficiency at all speeds and offers superb reliability. There are no motor bearings, pulleys, belts, couplings or motor shaft seals to wear out, leak or need replacing. Nirvana will lower your operating costs with its dynamic efficiency. Nirvana Oil-Free offers truly transcendent technology.

  • Advanced Compression Module Decades of oil-free rotary compressor experience have taught us how vital the rotor/housing coating is to initial and lasting compressor performance. As a result, “Ultracoat” was designed specifically for this oil-free compressor application, with its unmatched adhesion, durability, and temperature resistance properties the key selection criteria. Combining the Ultracoat process with stainless steel module components, provides the customer with optimum long term compressor performance. In short, this means more compressed air for the operating cost dollar.
  • Design Excellence The Nirvana Oil-Free package features were designed for optimum customer benefit. The 115 degree F ambient rating lessens the chance for nuisance shutdowns due to summer heat or dirty coolers. The package air flow materials of construction, stainless steel for cold-side piping, aluminum for the moisture separators, and the non-corrosive compression module components add to the compressor’s operating life and insure the delivery of clean compressed air.
  • Design Flexibility With Nirvana Oil-Free, the choice is yours for an air or water-cooled package. Both have been designed for optimum performance and industry leading application range (65-150psig).
  • Exceptional Reliability Nirvana Oil-Free has fewer rotating parts than any other compressor in its class. The HPM motor uses no bearings and directly drives the compressor, eliminating pulleys, belts, couplings and motor shaft seals.
  • Transcendent Technology Nirvana’s exclusive Hybrid Permanent Magnet motor, Intellisys Microprocessor Control & Modular Drive have revolutionized compressor performance by providing more air over a wider range with no increase in power consumption. At full load, Nirvana Oil-Free will produce the most air using the least energy; and will continue to do so down to loads as low as 40%. Nirvana Oil-Free runs at 95% efficiency throughout its entire speed range.