FI Series Base-Mounted End Suction Pumps

For Quiet, Dependable Power and Outstanding Hydraulic Performance Taco FI Series Base-Mounted End Suction Pumps provide quiet, dependable power plus hydraulic performance and dimensional characteristics that meet the very latest standards. The improved bearing frame design features sealed-for-life bearings that meet all industry requirements for a minimum L 10 life..
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CI Series Close-Coupled End Suction Pumps

For the Ultimate in Reliability and Ease of Installation Taco CI Series Close-Coupled End Suction Pumps provide the ultimate in reliability and ease of installation for heating, air conditioning, pressure boosting, cooling water transfer, and water supply applications. An easy-to-replace, slip-on shaft sleeve facilitates seal maintenance in the field and..
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Hydromatic Premium Efficient (HPE) Solids Handling Pumps

KEY FEATURES NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors Cartridge seals Bearing monitoring First submersible pump to utilize shaft grounding ring (SGR) technology Exclusive Switchable Seal – an Industry First Self-Lubricating Thrust bearing design Terminal Block Eliminates Wire Nuts and Crimp Connectors Optional quick release cord design