Designed to Eliminate Direct Air-to-Water Interface

Taco CA Series Expansion Tanks are designed to solve a long time problem in the hydronics industry by utilizing a butyl rubber bladder to permanently separate the air charge from the system fluid in the expansion tank. In old style, non-bladder type tanks, the air to water interface allowed air to be absorbed back into the system fluid and carried to other parts of the system causing corrosion, inefficient balancing, pump capitation, air bound terminal units and waterlogged tanks. Proper sizing and location of air separation and air removal components can provide a stable, tight and closed hydronic system. In most properly sized “CA” systems, you can reduce the tank size by 80% compared to the old style, plain steel tanks.

Featuring a full acceptance type bladder, Taco CA Series Expansion Tanks offer the system designer and end user the comfort of long life expectancy as the bladder is large enough to expand to the wall of the tank in the event of a tank being undersized or improperly charged.

CA Series Expansion Tanks are designed, constructed and tested to ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 requirements. Computerized product selection helps you choose the Expansion Tank that is just the right fit for your application requirements. All fabrication is done in-house to assure a high level of quality.