Hydromatic Submersible / Engineered

Hydromatic: 3″ Discharge Submersible Sewage Ejector

3″ Discharge Submersible Sewage Ejector Pump Models available: S3SD RPM: 1150 S3SD RPM: 1750

Hydromatic: 2 HP Centrifugal Grinder Semi Open Impeller

KEY FEATURES Dry-pit pump end, motor ordered separately Pump end oil-filled for heat dissipation and lubrication Cast iron pump end (PG only) Navy M bronze pump end designed for marine applications (NPG only) Flexible motor coupling 2 HP, 200/230V single phase, 200/230/460V three phase motor• 60 Hz/50 Hz (3450 RPM/2900..
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Hydromatic: Rail System

Easily raise and lower your pump for service and maintenance with a Rail System. KEY FEATURES Diaphragm seal Specifiable No pressure restrictions Explosion proof option