Raypak / Gas – Copper Fin Tube

Raypak: XTherm™ Condensing Boilers

The all new XTherm – vertical modulating condensing boiler in sizes to 2000 MBTU. XTherm combines time honored high recovery copper fin technology with cutting edge control and combustion advancements. The installer and building owner enjoy broad installation flexibility, easy commissioning, optimum seasonal efficiency, and long term reliability. Remarkably small..
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Raypak: Raytherm ® Atmospheric Boilers & Water Heaters

Design simplicity, quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship have earned Raypak a rock-solid reputation for reliability. While others busily design cost out of their products, Raypak has continued to engineer dependability in. Features like thermal shock-proof heat exchangers with floating return headers are standard. Burners are made from a high quality..
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